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Evenglide are designers with expertise in all aspects of garage doors, gates and automation

The objective is to create the perfect finish, the process is to consider the aspects of form, texture, context and function; the method is to welcome the opportunity to work directly with our customer, the designer or architect in a collaborative fashion.

Specific expertise in: European Insulated Garage Doors, Tilt Doors, Sectional Panel Doors, Counterweight Tilt Doors, Gates, Commercial Roller, Sectional Doors, Automation and Access Control. 

Side Sliding Sectional Door Made in Germany. Decograin finish in Titan Metallic CH703 colour.


Swing gates, custom cladded with perforated sheets.

American “Carriage” style aluminium sectional door

Western Red Cedar Barn Style Tilt door

Timber Tilt door in Western Red Cedar cladding with Barn Style moulding across the face of the door.


S-Ribbed Sectional garage door from our European Collection in Woodgrain finish. It comes in a range of standard sizes to suit most openings.


Timber sectional garage door with acrylic windows

Timber Tilt door consisting of Western Red Cedar and overlay moulds. The door also incorporates acrylic windows to the top section, providing an extra element of form and beauty.



L-ribbed garage door in Dulux Candle Bark colour (custom colour) and Silkgrain finish. 4Ddoors Garage Door opener Made in Germany for a smooth opening and closing of the doors.


Flush mounted tilt garage door with express panel cladding.


Timber Tilt door in Western Red Cedar.


Timber tilt door with acrylic cladding base

Timber Tilt door consisting of Acrylic cladding base with timber slats over the face 


House with a timber tilt garage door heritage style

Timber Tilt door consisting of plywood with overlay moulds and heritage style windows across the top of the door


Timber tilt door with routered lines and panel moulds

Timber Tilt door consisting of plywood timber, vertical cedar boards and bolection panel moulds


Garage door with oversize EPS moulding

Timber Tilt door consisting of plywood timber with mouldings


House with garage door consisting of plywood and panel moulding

Timber Tilt door consisting of plywood timber and panel moulding including inserts


Tilt garage door consisting of composite aluminium cladding

Tilt door consisting of composite aluminium cladding with negative rebate pattern incorporating a matching header above


Aluminium sectional garage door with natural anodised frame and acrylic inserts

Aluminium sectional door consisting of natural anodised frame with acrylic inserts


Sectional door of composite aluminium cladding over aluminium frame

Sectional door consisting of composite aluminium cladding over an aluminium frame, showing a negative rebate



Tilt door incorporating aluminium fins over perforated aluminium cladding

Tilt door incorporating aluminium fins over a perforated aluminium cladding

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